Medical Requirements for Chiropractors in Florida


It’s a long standing misconception that the requirements to obtain an MD degree (Doctor of Medicine) and the requirements to obtain a DC Degree (Doctor of Chiropractic) are vastly different in terms of complexity, time involved, course work and overall requirements. Many chiropractors in Florida are well aware of these misconceptions, as are many Doctors of Medicine.

When dispelling rumors, especially one that’s widely accepted or thought to be true, there can be many hurdles that need to be considered and can not be ignored. In fact, with so many outlets and mass media seemingly supporting false information and mistruths, it can be a daunting task. Let’s take a look together at some facts surrounding both.

Chiropractors in Florida are required to complete certain coursework and prerequisites. These guidelines and requirements can vary differently depending on the location. There are not many schools for either that require a bachelor's degree, although many seem to indicate that it’s definitely preferred. Alternatively, there are many Schools of Medicine that don’t even dictate their graduates accomplish more than the basic requirements of an undergraduate.

The U.S. Department of Education created an agency to control and mandate many of those requirements. Accredited schools for chiropractors operate within the guidelines set forth by the Council on Chiropractic Colleges. And by all accounts, a chiropractic student has a comparable, and in many cases, a more extensive path including education & training, than many medical students.

The U.S. Department of Education also controls and monitors the credentials of school faculty and staff. Students whose goals are to become Chiropractors in Florida must first become eligible for state governed exams. To do that, they must first successfully complete 4 board exams on a national level, as well as an extensive examination on all manner of Physical Therapy. These also include both practical tests where a candidate must demonstrate competency in many areas of the human body, as well as diagnostic techniques. In most cases, this will include properly demonstrating proper use of many different types of medical equipment.

When everything is said and done, and all the hard work is complete, Chiropractors in Florida may have completed over 2,400 hours of study in areas such as pathology, anatomy, diagnosis, equipment training and more. This is very comparable, and is many cases, surpasses the combined total hours of study for a medical student pursuing a MD degree. (ref: Medical School Admission Requirements, United States & Canada, 47th edition, which is published by the Assoc. of  American Medical Colleges).

Chiropractic Education

Chiropractic Education

As you can see, both professions have very stringent requirements. Chiropractors in Florida who have completed their studies have demonstrated excellence in much the same way other doctors have. The qualification and specifications of each job title demand respect. A basic understanding of the level of training both have received will lend itself to such respect, as it is well deserved in both respects.

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