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Chiropractic Testimonials

"I had lots of inflammation to my spine as a result of an auto collision. At my height, it was difficult to get out of bed some days. The treatment sessions with Dr. Bjerke and his staff were fantastic! I'm closer to my goal of being as mobile as I was prior to the accident. I'm having less bad days."

- D.H. // 9-19-19

"Dr. and his team are the best. I came in with lots of pain and now I am pain free. Staff is very professional and caring."

- K.W. // 9-19-19

"They do a fantastic job with patients."

- A.S. // 11-26-18

"The experience at Freedom Chiropractic has been terrific. Everyone is so concerned with your recovery and takes the time to make sure everything is doing what it is supposed to do."

- B.S. // 9-29-18

"Dr. Bjerke and his staff at Freedom Chiropractic were amazing! They took such great care of me after my car accident. Very service and patient-oriented office that is highly recommended for any pain."

- N.P. // 9-24-18

"After my accident my body would start out with neck pain, lowering my spirits to have just about anything done. With a new day came more pain. Shortly there after I was referred to Freedom Chiropractic of which they surely got me free from the pain which radiated from my neck. The staff genuinely cared as treatments were scheduled around my hectic life of school and work. After just a few weeks I am now pain free. These guys are the best in the business."

- M.S. // 9-11-18

"I was here for a car accident and they have been very helpful and helped me recover, there very good at what they do."

- C.D. // 9-10-18

"After my accident I was referred to Dr. Bjerke. I am feeling a lot better. He and his staff has helped me so much. The staff is very helpful. Great office."

- N.B. // 9-5-18

"After being in a accident, the pain I was in was unbearable, but thanks to Dr. B and the staff at Freedom Chiropractic I am able to get back to work and enjoy life again. Thanks Dr. B!"

- G.R. // 8-27-18

"We were referred to Dr. Bjerke after a head on collision. My neck and lower back had herniated discs and bulges. After several weeks of treatment my pain was significantly reduced and I feel better after every visit. Thank you to the wonderful staff that treated me so well in a very positive environment."

- M.F. // 6-19-18

"I was in a car accident and was diagnosed with 3 herniated discs and 3 bulges in my neck and a torn meniscus. Thanks to the wonderful staff that treated me like family I was able to recover quickly and my pain reduced from a 9 to almost pain free!"

- M.S. // 6-19-18

"I came here after a car accident after being referred by my lawyer in March. I was having dominant back pain from my neck down to my lower spinal cord and I'm now almost finished and I don't feel the same. I wake up with no pain in the morning time and I am able to walk without pain now."

- B.W. // 6-7-18

"I came to see Dr. Bjerke after my car accident in March. I was in severe pain involving my neck and lower back. I am now almost finished with treatment and I feel drastically better! The office is very professional and knowledgeable!"

- J.H. // 6-4-18

"I think I have made some improvement. But if I don't get adjusted after I revert back to stiffness and pain. Freedom Chiro was a good experience after treatment most always felt better."

- J.B. // 4-2-18

"I came to Dr. Bjerke on recommendation from Mr. Skolnick for treatment due to car accident injuries. Since coming a few days a week, my pain has subsided. The staff is great and Dr. Bjerke has helped me get back to my daily routines. Still have a little way to go but definitely feel improvement. Mark & Chrissy are awesome!"

- Gerald Vassilatos // 3-27-18

"I came to Freedom Chiropractic after a car accident and after a few treatments I feel so much better. I thank Dr. Bjerke and his staff at Freedom Chiropractic is amazing. I look forward coming in even after my treatments are done for adjustments, etc."

- W.M. // 3-19-18

"I became a patient at Freedom Chiropractic after a motorcycle accident, I had extensive injuries to my neck and lower back. I was greeted with a smile upon arrival. My pain subsided with every treatment I received. Dr Bjerke and his staff and their combined efforts I've regained my ability to live the life I had before the accident. I would recommend Freedom Chiropractic to anyone in my position."

- E.W. // 3-15-18

"I was referred to Dr. B after a major car accident. He (and his staff) have been wonderful and supportive during this very difficult time. I was in pain everyday and thanks to the therapy I've received at Dr. B's office I'm able to function on a daily basis."

- E.W. // 2-24-18

"I met Dr. Bjerke after a car accident that totaled my vehicle and left me with fairly intense cervical pain and back pain. After several weeks of treatment, my pain has reduced tremendously. The staff here is incredibly helpful, informative and caring. I feel hopeful that I won't have to let this accident affect my health for the rest of my life. Being a nurse as well, Dr. Bjerke and his staff have given me what I need to better care for my patients, for which I am extremeley grateful!"

- W.P. // 2-22-18

"Freedom Chiropractic is an amazing place to come to after an accident. They have an amazing office staff and treat me with care and give off the most homely vibe. I had high pain in my shoulders, neck and back. I've had a lot of improvement the first month in. I highly recommend Dr. Bjerke and his staff if you want to recover after an accident."

- K.C. // 2-20-18

"I came here after being involved in a car accident. Since being treated at Freedom Chiropractic my body pain has gotten better. The staff was very nice, friendly and helpful!"

- J.F. // 2-19-18

"I came to Freedom Chiropractic after an auto accident that took place in November. From the moment I walked into their facility I felt right at home and comfortable. With an amazing staff behind him, Dr. Bjerke has done wonders for my recovery, and I would recommend anyone in need of professional chiropractic care to visit Freedom Chiropractic."

- B.A. // 2-5-18

"I came here for a car crash that I had on November 14th, 2017. They treat me with excellence and all of them are very professional. I highly recommend this place. I had low back pain and that is also better."

- N.P. // 1-11-18

"I am grateful for the excellent treatment I have received from Dr. Bjerke and his staff. After I was in an automobile accident this past October. The treatments I am receiving have helped me move forward with daily activities, which were impossible after the accident. Dr. Bjerke and his staff are very accommodating and professional, therefor I would recommend his office to anyone who has been in an accident."

- L.P. // 12-30-17

"I was hit by a car on October 8th 2017. I came to Freedom Chiropractic unable to walk, and badly injured. Dr. Bjerke and his great staff were able to help me heal my back, neck, and ankle. My road to recovery would not have been able to be completed without the cure and professionalism of his staff. I am forever grateful of the treatment I receive at Freedom Chiropractic."

- M.W. // 12-26-17

"I just came into the office after a car accident. When I came in I couldn't touch my toes and now I can. The doctor has helped me recover and made this process so much easier. The staff is amazing and I would recommend this office to anyone in an accident."

- J.L. // 12-18-17

"I came in with strong neck pain and stiffness and a lot of lower back pain. After a few weeks my neck was nearly completely relieved and my back pain decreased. After a little over a month my back pain and movement showed large improvement. I would highly recommend this office to anyone with back / neck issues!"

- Antonio M. // 11-25-17

"Everyone at Dr. Bjerke's office is great! Very friendly and personable staff. I can tell a big difference in my body and how If eel overall. My pain has decreased significantly! I highly recommend Dr. Bjerke and his staff!"

- C.R.J. // 11-25-17

"I came in after a car accident. I was in pain on my right side but after my treatment I feel so much better. Everyone is so nice and understanding."

- Benkela B. // 11-25-17

"I was in a car accident so I came to Dr. Bjerke's office for treatment. I have felt better than when I first started weeks ago. The office is very accommodating with my busy schedule. The staff is friendly and kind. Dr. Bjerke is recommended for anyone who wants to get better and live in less pain."

- Alex F. // 11-22-17

"I enjoyed the amazing service, the staff are great & friendly, and the machines are awesome!"

- N.L. // 10-31-17

"After my car accident I came to see Dr. Bjerke for treatment and it was the best decision I made. Freedom Chiropractic has an amazing & professional team. They are accommodating to all of my needs & flexible with my schedule. I will definitely refer him to friends & family. I feel great and it's thanks to Dr. Bjerke."

- Noemi P. // 10-28-17

"I highly recommend Dr. Eric Bjerke and his staff for anyone seeking chiropractic care. Not only is Dr. Bjerke a well trained chiropractor, but his entire staff is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Dr. Bjerke goes out of his way to make sure everyone is being treated in a timely fashion. He listened to my complaints regarding my injuries and took time to explain the process i would need to follow in order to recover properly. I have felt a vast improvement with my back problems since I first started my treatment. I still have a way to go but am confident that by the time I am done, my back will be as good as new. Again, my highest recommendation for the Freedom Chiropractic clinic."

- John K. // 10-26-18

"Dr. Bjerke's office is a pleasure to come to for my chiropractic needs. The staff here is very friendly and always attentive. I was always welcomed with a smile, and that makes coming here an all around great experience. Since starting my visits with Dr. Bjerke, my headaches have improved and I can't thank him enough!"

- M.N. // 10-26-17

"My name is O'Dean and I have been receiving treatment from Freedom Chiropractic since I endured a really bad car accident. I would like to take time to honor Dr. Bjerke and his staff for getting me back in good shape and making this process easy for me. I really appreciate what they have done for me. They made me feel at home and comfortable. Thank you!"

- O'Dean W. // 10-24-17

"Dr. Bjerke & Staff,

We appreciate all you have done for us over the past few months. It's been a pleasure coming here for our chiropractic services. We can't thank you enough!"

- Michelle & David // 10-23-17

"After my accident I was referred to Dr. Bjerke at Freedom Chiropractic. I have felt relief after being treated. The massage therapist has magical fingers. Dr. Bjerke and his staff have helped make this process a lot easier. Him and his staff are caring & kind."

- Fedner Geffrard // 10-21-17

"I began seeing Dr. Bjerke after an auto accident. I was hesitant to see a chiropractor. Dr. Bjerke made me feel comfortable. His adjustments are gentle. He and his staff have been very attentive to my needs & schedule as well. Also, his massage therapist, Mark, is amazing!! I would recommend Dr. Bjerke to anyone. I'm now a firm believer in the chiropractic practices."

- Desiree Zerambo // 9-21-17

"After my motor vehicle accident I went to see Dr. Eric Bjerke at Freedom Chiropractic. He and his staff were great and helped me a lot. I highly recommend them."

- Radesh Chinpire // 9-14-17

"I came in after an accident with shoulder pain, neck pain, and lower back pain. It's been a few weeks now and I am beginning to feel a lot better. My lower back pain isn't as bad anymore and everything else is coming along great."

- Renee Brown // 7-5-17

"I had an accident and I came with a lot of pain to the doctor's office. Everybody there has helped me a lot and after seeing the doctor, I can surely say that I feel way better."

- Carolina Castaneda // 7-5-17

"To Dr. Bjerke and his staff I must say thank you for the fantastic good that you have done to straighten me out. When I came to Dr. Bjerke I was all bent because of my back and shoulder pain, and after a couple of weeks with therapy on my shoulder and back I am starting to feel much better. Thank you, Dr. Bjerke!"

- Marlene Anderson // 6-28-17

"I am so relieved of all the knots that were in my neck and shoulders. It has given me great relief and lessened my headaches. Keep up the good work and I just love you sweet and kind staff. It makes you want to come everyday of your life!"

- Doris Celestin // 6-20-17

"I was in a car accident and had pain in my neck and a lot in my lower back. I started coming to Freedom Chiropractic several times a week, and always left the office feeling better and in less pain. Also got to be referred to other specialist to see what is wrong. Continuing care here."

- Jaclyn Bellano // 6-14-17

"Since I started treatment, I feel and see a big difference in myself. Freedom Chiropractic is a very big help. After I had gotten in that car crash; my everyday things to do became very hard. I was very much in pain, stiff, and could barely move around. Freedom Chiropractic is helping me get back to my old self, and I thank them very much for everything they did and are still doing."

- Joseph Halford // 6-14-17

"The service is good. Everyone and the appointments are always on time. My neck is feeling a lot better, and my low back. Emily is also very helpful."

- Luxor Alexandre // 5/22/17

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