Chiropractic Testimonials

"This chiropractor visit was one of a kind. I strongly recommend others to have this amazing experience that I did at Freedom Chiropractic."

- Alvin Garvin Jr. // 3-23-23

"Treatments were easy and helpful. Staff is friendly and work with you all the time in rescheduling appointments. they helped me on my recovery, so thank you to all the staff."

- Hugo Mendieta // 3-23-23

"Coming from a head on collision, I was in pain and very grouchy when I first started therapy at Freedom Chiro. The first few weeks were tough. But with the help of all the staff and the doctors my pain is at a minimal. Freedom Chiro helped save me. The office staff handled all my paperwork etc. Which was another relief and freedom! Thank you Freedom and all you do. I guess I need to figure out who was the best, but I can't - they all ROCKED!"

- Edrica Miller // 3-14-23

"I had an accident on 11/19/22. I was hurt so bad I didn't expect to recover. After going to Freedom Chiropractic it was like a dream come true. The staff is so sweet while making me learn to use my arm, knee, back and neck again. Without Freedom Chiropractic I would be still in pain."

- Renee Beverly // 3-20-23

"I love everyone here. Everyone was always welcoming. Guerline was so amazing and sweet everytime I walked into the room. Everyone always made sure I was good. I really love them and will miss everyone."

- Ikieonna Clemons // 3-9-23

"The staff at Freedom Chiropractic from day 1 were extremely helpful, attentive, and caring...  I never felt like just a patient here, but more like a family member... I can definitely say that from the very first day I started my therapy here I've noticed the difference in most of my problematic areas... I would highly recommend this establishment to others who are suffering from pain in similar areas... They definitely played a huge role in my ongoing recovery."

- Dwayne Martin // 3-8-23

"Had a great experience with Dr. Bjerke after being referred to Dr. Bjerke after a bad car accident. The staff are wonderful and Dr. Bjerke is so nice."

- Paul Mandart // 3-6-23

"As crazy as it sounds, I believe Dr. Eric Bjerke saved my life! When I walked into the clinic the first time every part of my body ached and I had to hold up my head while the doctor asked me what was hurting. I've had outstanding results! I feel better in every way. Thank you!"

- Anthony Ghersi // 3-1-23

"I came in with pain all over my body & with the help of Freedom Chiropractic I left with virtually no more pain. Everyone here is so friendly & helpful too."

- Brigitte Brammer // 2-28-23

"Everybody was so nice and amazing at this location. It really helped me a lot with their treatments with my pain. I would definitely recommend this spot."

- Chelsy Elvir // 2-27-23

"The staff here are very polite, helpful, and knowledgeable. After my accident they helped me better understand my injuries and how to treat/stretch my muscles to restore my range of motion and significantly limit my pain levels."

- Shawn Stucker // 2-27-23

"The doctors and staff at Freedom Chiropractic have been outstanding. I visited both the Pompano Beach and Delray Beach locations and at each I felt that my needs were met. The doctors listened to my concerns and adjusted my care as necessary. The one-on-one-attention has been vital for my healing. Now that I have finished my treatment, my body is closer to being where it used to be. I highly recommend Freedom Chiropractic."

- Daphne Officer // 2-23-23

"I was in a motor vehicle accident. Freedom Chiropractic and staff really got me where I need to be. I will recommend to my friend - family. Thank you for getting me to 100%"

- CB // 02-02-23

"All the ladies that work here have done a great job ensuring that I return back to the state I was prior to my accident. I really enjoyed coming to this office and creating the Doc! Thank you to all the women who have seen me these past few weeks!!"

- Auriyana // 12-21-22

"The treatment I underwent greatly helped relieve the tension and pain I was experiencing as a result of a car accident I was in"

- Ryan Holland // 2-2-23

"I came in not knowing what to expect due to past experiences with other doctors, but was I surprised by a happy group of people who always had smiles on their faces and were very helpful that made each and every visit wonderful. I wish that I could come visit everyday because the staff energy is everything to me."

- Trevor Bosket // 1-19-23

"Thank you so much for helping with my recovery. Everyone at Freedom was so nice and helpful."

- Devon Phillips // 1-16-23

"They are excellent people, they are always aware of the interns, and very professional treatment."

- Jose Rodriguez // 1-13-22

"When I first walk in Pompano Chiro I was in so much pain in my lower back, but as I start to get treated, I was getting better by the day. I enjoy the mechanical chair the most. Last, but not least, the doctor and assistant make sure any pain I had was being treated, so yes, Pompano Chiro is the best."

- Reginald Saintilus // 1-11-22

"Hey, I am Ryan. I attended Pompano Beach Chiropractic after my car accident in September. I can't thank them enough. I feel wonderful, I feel like myself probably even better. Everybody is kind and welcoming, making you feel almost like home. I highly recommend Pompano Beach Chiropractic for all accident-related needs."

- Ryan Parker // 12-29-22

"In this office, it went very well , I feel much better from the treatments!"

- J Enrique Rodriguez // 12-16-22

"The therapy is very good, it helped my body feel a lot better!"

- Ma Consuelo Pescador // 12-16-22

"For the past four months, I've been coming for chiro care due to a car incident in July 2022 with pain to my left knee, left wrist, and cervical area. As time passed by with care under Dr. Bjerke and his staff I can really say my pain has decreased. Thanks for always caring great staff. Thanks for taking the time to have me as a patient."

- Yolanda Spells // 11-23-22

"The staff are super friendly, experienced, attentive, and helpful. They listen to our complaint and help us to the best way they can. Staff are very encouraging, they paid attention to therapy routines and see that we complete them safely. They are amazing and would recommend them highly."

Eileen & Robert // 5-20-22

"My experience with the team at Pompano Chiropractic was excellent! I had a wonderful journey, they were very gentle and understanding of my needs. Kenny and Melissa were a good team, always took care of me and listened to my demands. I can truly say I have recovered from my strongest pains. Everybody from front desk to the doc were amazing. Rate five stars. Very effective."

- Sofia Canas // 4-13-22

"Everyone here was a joy to work with. They really listen to your needs and help solve or better any aches or pains you have. I definitely am feeling better than I was when I first walked in. Thank you guys for all the help."

- Michael Harrop // 4-13-22

"Great experience everyone was nice to me and my daughter and will refer family and friends if need be. Thanks!!"

- Anonymous // 3-24-22

"This has been the best chiropractor experience thus far. I have been in a previous accident as well so I have been to another chiropractor before, but the staff here is way better and more professional and caring. The receptionist as well is very nice and professional. The doctor is very sweet and professional. The staff is very lovely and I'm going to miss them all."

- Destiny Boyd // 3-17-22

"After my car accident, my neck and left shoulder were pretty bad. I couldn't stand the arms up that hurt. So when I started doing the therapy on the first couple days I already started seeing some improvement, and today after all my sessions I can say that I'm almost 100% like the accident never happened. I'm really thankful for all the awesome staff, I totally recommend for everybody."

- G.A.//3-14-2022

"I like the way they treated me as a person when I come to this place. The workers care for you and I want to thank them for everything they done for me."

- N.K.//3-02-2022

"I came in for an accident with a lot of pain all over my body and now I feel back to normal again."

- Anonymous// 1-19-2022

"This is the best chiropractor I have ever been to. Friendly staff, they were able to treat me in a timely manner."

- M.L. // 12-22-2021

"I've been in two car accidents and I've been coming here for a few months. They took great care of me and gave treatment to better my life."

- R.D. // 12-21-2021

"My neck feels amazing now, when I was here it hurt a lot but all the stretches they did to my neck felt better each day when I left. I'm grateful they helped me with my neck pain because, without the chiropractor team, my neck wouldn't be this amazing and feel amazing. Thank you to the chiropractor team for helping my neck I really appreciate it and keep doing what you guys are doing now."

- D.R. // 12-18-2021

"I came to Freedom in a lot of pain. This was the best decision I could have made. The doctors were very understanding of my pain and kind. Ms. K and Ms. G are AWESOME! Just an all-around great staff. I would recommend Freedom Chiropractic to anyone in need!!! 5 Stars!!!!"

- D.N. // 11-29-2021

"I would recommend Freedom Chiropractic to anyone I know who has been involved in a car accident. From top to borrow there is excellent service and hospitality from their associates. They provided me with specific and effective treatment to resolve some of the pain from my injuries. An overall great experience."

- J.S. // 11-23-2021

"Everyone at Free Chiropractic was amazing. Treated me with such care and kindness. Thank you, Dr. Bjerke and all his staff."

- C.B. // 11-23-2021

"A great clinic overall and helped with my pain. I am grateful."

- J.R. // 11-17-2021

"I was involved in a terrible accident 3 months ago, Dr. Shipitofsky and his team did an amazing job with helping me to get back to some type of normalcy before and after my accident. They are lovely, personable-everyday people. Overall my experience with Pompano Beach Chiropractic Spine and Injury Center has exceeded my expectations and then some. Thank you guys for everything!"

- P.H. // 10-01-2021

"Great Employees, helpful, knowledgeable, friendly...I felt safe with them and the Dr. David Ship"

- Anonymous // 09-24-2021

"I had a very good experience at Pompano Beach Chiropractic. Very welcoming receptionist and also very attentive, wonderful staff. Very clean office. Highly recommended."

- F.B. // 09-22-2021

"Over the past few months I have come for physical therapy approximately 3 days a week. The results here have been beyond my greatest expectation. The staff are all top-notch, highly trained, and professional. I would recommend Pompano Beach Chiropractic to anyone and look forward to future sessions as needed. Very happy with my results."

- C.E. // 09-07-2021

"Freedom Chiropractic definitely assisted me with my every needs from start to finish. They are very hands on and attentive to your specific needs."

- D.G. // 09-07-2021

"I came in after a car accident with neck, back and shoulder pain. Dr. B. and his team set up a physical therapy plan that suited my specific needs. After 30 visits and adjustments, my pain levels are have dropped significantly and feel a lot better.

Thank you Dr. Bjerke and your team for getting me moving again."

- Anonymous // 09-07-2021

"I had a pleasant therapy session and the service was good. I would recommend it to friends."

- Anonymous // 08-23-2021

"As a patient, if any or any accident, I would definitely recommend friends and family to come for a visit. Staffs are knowledgeable and friendly. Treatment worked for me, therefore I give them a 10/10 overall service."

- Anonymous // 08-17-2021

"It was a great experience. All treatments helped me a lot to feel better after the car accident."

- Anonymous // 08-17-2021

"Nice staff. Very knowledgeable and patient with treatment. Scheduling was great and accomodating to my busy schedule. Highly recommend to my family and friends."

- J.M. // 08-17-2021

"I had an amazing experience here. People are very kind, knowledgeable, professional and on the top of everything. I am glad I picked this place to take care of me. Very grateful."

- F.L. // 07-28-2021

"I came here with a bad shoulder, bad lower back and neck. Miracously I feel next to great in all the areas. The team here has done a perfect job, however, I have to give most of the credit to Kenny. Those massages on my shoulder have been like the hands of God, he is great his job. Thank you guys!"

- R.M. // 07-19-2021

"Obrigada a todos os colaboradores que me ajudaram no tratamento, fui muito bem atendida por toda a equipe. Vou sentir saudades (mas espero nao ve-los tao cedo). Obrigada!"

- K.O. // 06-18-2021

"Thank you for helping me getting my neck to move again. Dr. Kita did an awesome job!"

- J.R. // 05-26-2021

"The staff at Freedom Chiropractic is amazing. I was involved in a serious auto accident (hit by a semi-truck). When I first came in I was in so much pain and had limited movement weeks later. I have my range of motion back and I'm healing up nicely. Dr. B was so informative and caring along with his staff. I highly recommend his services to anyone experiencing back, neck or joint pain."

- C.T. // 05-27-2021

"When I first came my body was in a lot of pain. With Kenny and Kita helping me I started feeling better week by week."

- L.C. // 05-21-2021

"My experience with Freedom Chiropractic was good! I got all the help I needed. The staff and the Doctor are great. I would recommend this office for being very efficient."

- Y.R. // 05-14-2021

"The therapy sessions received under Dr. Duerto's supervision were all conducted with the upmost professionalism. All the staff was very courteous and went out of their way to explain any questions I had about my treatment or address any concerns. My overall experience with the office and the services received were above satisfactory. I would highly recommend them."

- A.V. // 05-12-2021

"After my accident I was worried and didn't know what to expect because I'd never been through anything like that before. Coming here was the best thing I could have done. They helped me so much with my injury I'll always be grateful to Dr. Bjerke and everyone here - they are seriously the best. After getting to know everyone here I'd never go anywhere else for any pain or injury. Thank you all so much!"

- S.M. // 04-28-2021

"Well I must say the two months have been a pleasure working with Freedom Chiropractic. Thanks to Yienny and Mita taking great pleasure on getting me back to full health."

- J.W. // 04-16-2021

"I had a wonderful time while being treated here. Dr. Duerto and her amazing staff accommodated me well and made me feel at home.

Thank you to everyone who took a role in making sure I was recovering properly and treated me with much respect."

- E.G. // 04-14-2021

"Lorena, Kenny, and Dr. Duerto are perfecto! I love the energy between them and the care my daughter and I received. Coming here on time, the office was never crowded and always sanitized. Even Louis and other staff members are very receptive. My daughter and Kenny built a healthy bond. She is very saddened to be approaching this last day. Dr. Duerto may be small, but she packs great power! I notice the difference when she is absent. If I ever need a chiropractor again, she is my first choice! I hope everyone have or has the experience that my daughter and I have had here!"

- N.G. // 04-12-2021

"Thank you guys for everything. You are amazing! God bless you!"

- H.H. // 04-09-2021

"I like thanks you guys for your help to getting better. Love you!"

- P.M. // 04-09-2021

"I appreciated all the generosity and kindness that I received from the staff at Freedom Chiropractic. I would definitely recommend to a friend or family member."

- D.O. // 04-07-2021

"I have a lot of pain from the accident. I'm feeling good now. I receive a good treatment, thanks to the staff! They're all nice I have nothing to complain about."

- C.M. // 04-07-2021

"I came here to seek help for injuries due to a car accident. I was so happy to see Dr. Bjerke, Dr. Sara, and Dr. D. They all helped me in my treatment to recover and help me get back to normal. The amazing staff was always friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. I went in with pain and came out feeling great. Thank you!"

- S.D. // 04-01-2021

"I had a great experience with Doctor Bjerke and his most wonderful staff. The staff here are great, and treat you with care. When I started here I had so much pain in my back, neck, and my wrist. They attend to all my painful areas and made me feel like a new man when I leave. The only thing that hurts me now is finishing up here. Kenny was very helpful throughout my rehabilitation. Doctor Kita was great in adjusting my back (and even better if you give her Peter Pan peanut butter smooth, lol!) Stephanie always greets you with a smile under her mask and she is very helpful. Words can't explain the staff here. They really made me feel like part of the family."

- R.J. // 03-16-2021

"Dr. Bjerke and his staff are one of the best. Staff so patient and helpful, made sure that I was top priority on every visit. Choosing this office helped get me back up and going."

- S.N. // 03-10-2021

"I came to Freedom Chiropractic after an accident that totaled my car. Initially, I had excruciating pain in my shoulder and mid back area. After several sessions with the staff, I am largely free of pain. The staff, from the front end to the back house was extremely professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable."

- A.S. // 02-27-2021

"When I first started to come see Dr. B I was in a lot of pain. The staff here has been nothing but amazing. They helped me with a lot more than therapy. I would definitely come here even if it is not for therapy."

- Anonymous // 02-24-2021

"I have had a great experience here at Pompano Beach Chiropractic. They explain everything they are doing and why and were very accommodating to my needs. I'm walking out of here feeling great. Thank you very much."

- K.K. // 02-04-2021

"Appreciated the help & outlook of the staff at Pompano Chiropractic Centers and their fine work getting me whole & working again. Thanks to staff now I work again!"

- C.F. // 02-03-2021

"Freedom is the best way to describe this office. I am so blessed to meet everyone here. First time ever in my life in a Chiropractic office and everything was great, xoxoxo for everything I received at this office. I could write a book. Thank you for great service, I am in tears because I don't want to leave."

- L.N. // 01-22-2021

"The office/practice of Dr. Bjerke was fantastic! They took care of me in the best way. Very professional and kind. Everything was explained and I felt in great hands.

Thank you team and thank you Doctors!"

- I.M. // 01-14-2021

"Hands down, a very clean, safe, professional chiropractor if you ask me. Staff always welcomed me by name. Very genuine. Always on time. From the very first phone call to all the ones in between they were always accommodating. I'm forever grateful for Freedom Chiro. Not only was I satisfied but it also now in way less pain. Thank you Doc."

- M.E. // 01-13-2020

"I owe my quick recovery to the entire staff of P.B.C.S.! During the whole length of the treatments, I was followed and cared professionally and their guide and help made it all possible! The office accommodated my schedule for many weeks and I would recommend P.B.C.S. to anyone who is in need with help for their pain and suffering after an injury or just to improve their health. 5 stars all around!"

- E.S. // 01-13-2021

"My name is Gary Caraballo. I have to say I had a great experience at Pompano Beach Chiropractic Spine and Injury Center. I learned a lot about my body and my muscles. I also LOVED the adjustment. I will make recommendations to Pompano Beach chiropractic Spine and Injury Center!"

- G.C. // 01-06-2021

"After being hit by a car (as a pedestrian) my life turned upside down - I was in excruciating pain and unable to function. Dr. Bjerke & his wonderful staff brought me out of this nightmare - gradually with love and patience, taking the time to give me the card & need. I'm still healing from fractured ribs & disc damage but I am hopeful and with his care, treatment & the wonderful therapists I am hopeful as to my progress forward. I can now see hope! Thank you!"

- Y.M. // 12-21-2020

"I was treated at Freedom Chiropractic for 2 months. I am extremely happy with the results of recovery. I am back to normal as I should be. Very professional and friendly staff. I am grateful!"

- T.C. // 12-17-2020

"Pompano staff helped me get rid of my neck and lower back pain. Highly recommend."

- A.M. // 12-16-2020

"The staff really helped me a lot. I am in significantly less pain than I was when first starting treatment. Thank you for all the love and support!"

- Z.F. // 12-15-2020

"I have enjoyed every visit I had to come to. In the beginning, I could barely move and had to stay in bed for a long period of time. Now after being treated at this wonderful office, I can resume my daily activities and I was able to return to work, thanks to the workers here!"

- N.F. // 12-12-2020

"Yo, Clara Torres, tome 30 terapias en esta clinica. Estoy satisfecha con el tratamiento. Me a ayudado mucho para recuperarme del accidente. La Doctora Kita y sus empleados son muy amables y muy buenos en su trabajo. Gracias."

- C.T. // 12-3-2020

"I came to Freedom Chiropractic and I was in a lot of pain. Doctor Bjerke and his staff helped me. They were extremely nice to me."

- M.D. // 12-2-2020

"My time here was wonderful. A very nice experience. The staff are amazing people and made me feel welcome. I feel a whole lot better after my accident and if it ever happens again, god forbid it doesn't, but I would like to come back here. I'm going to miss you guys but am happy I am better. So thank you Dr. Kita and your staff for getting me back on my feet again. Thank you and God bless you all."

- W.A. // 11-19-2020

"My neck was hurting really bad when I first started and now I have zero pain thanks to the wonderful doctors at Freedom Chiropractic. Definitely recommend!"

- N.G. // 11-17-2020

"I like to thank all the staff members for all their hard work and thank them for being so caring. They were very helpful with all my needs and assisting my needs. All the staff was very wonderful and very friendly and understanding. Thank you all, you're the best!"

- M.F. // 11-16-2020

"I am very pleased with the treatment I received from Freedom Chiropractic. Dr. Eric Bjerke and his staff were wonderful, professional, friendly and exceeded my expectations!"

- L.L. // 11-16-2020

"I came here with pain of neck, shoulder and back pain caused by car accident. Dr. Bjerke and his team took excellent care and treatment which reduced my pain. I will highly recommend him to anyone who is suffering. I am happy of their services. Thank you!"

- S.A. // 11-12-2020

"Dr. Kita, Kenny, & Lorena have been extremely helpful throughout the whole process. Very attentive staff, always trying to help & find solutions to all the problems(pain). Highly recommend them! A++++++"

- G.M. // 11-11-2020

"I really enjoyed the treatment at Freedom Chiropractic. The Doctors are very informative and really know what to do to help with the pain."

- K.P. // 11-6-2020

"I came in with lower back pain after a car accident. After months of treatment, I'm feeling 100% better. Dr. Bjerke & staff were great & very pleasant. Would recommend Freedom Chiropractic 100%. Thank you!"

- J.M. // 10-28-2020

"My experience with Dr. Duerto and her staff have been nothing short of excellent. Friendly and professional are two words that most immediately come to mind from Doc all the way to reception. The staff's friendly relationship with each other is an excellent compliment to the entire experience. I believe I've received as much rehabilitation as was possible in this office."

- R.J. // 10-28-2020

"Great place to get adjusted right before getting ready to get back to yourself. Feeling one hundred percent!"

- C.G. // 10-16-2020

"I had a wonderful experience during my therapy sessions at Freedom Chiropractic. The staff is very friendly and made each visit a pleasurable experience. I absolutely love Dr. Bjerke! He is very personable & made my time with him and his practice an enjoyable one under the circumstances. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family."

- T.N. // 10-14-2020

"I loved the way the clinic took care of me and the attention they had in my treatment. They are very hygiene conscious and friendly. They have an amazing service. I super recommend it."

- I.B. // 10-07-2020

"When I came to Freedom Chiropractic I was in a lot of pain and tears. I was giving up. The staff was great. Body was like dead weight. Therapy took away the pain and aches when I first started therapy. My pain level was 10 the highest level. After three months of therapy, my pain level is half of one. Thank you Freedom Chiropractic."

- A.C. // 09-24-2020

"Quando eu entrei na Quiropraxia pela primeira vez, eu não imaginava quanta mudança eu iria sentir no meu corpo. O tratamento foi incrível! Minhas dores (que não era poucas) foram desaparecendo como mágica. Cada visita para tratamento foi excelente, eu ia para casa me sentindo leve demais. Os profissionais são maravilhosos, e sempre dando todo o suporte que eu precisava, fazendo com que eu me sentisse bem, confortável e assim trazendo as soluções do meu determinado problema. Gratidão a todos!"

- L. // 09-26-2020

"It was a pleasure to have all the staff at Freedom to take extra special care of me during my time of pain. I recommend Dr. Bjerke & Dr. Duerto to all of my friends and family for their chiropractic needs. I will really miss all the fun with Kenny, Guerline, Stephanie, & Ayla! Love you guys!"

- G.D. // 09-17-2020

"This was my first time ever being treated in a chiropractic office. I really enjoyed the therapy I received from Dr. Bjerke & Dr. Duerte. They made my therapy easy and enjoyable. I will continue to use the therapy services they provided in the future. Thanks to the staff - Stephanie, Kenny, Guerline & Ayla. The best staff ever!"

- D.B. // 09-17-2020

"I have enjoyed my experience at Dr. Duerto's office. Dr. Duerto and Kenny have been extremely professional and helpful. They both have a positive and fun attitude which makes the rehab enjoyable, but effective. I came for knee and hip discomfort and I feel much better than when I first arrived."

- K.B. // 09-16-2020

"Doc, Kenny, & Lorena have been awesome. They have helped me tremendously with my recovery from my accident. They are very friendly, helpful, & understanding. Anytime I needed to change a time or day for therapy, they were very helpful. Also in the 'COVID' time they were very understanding & accommodating."

- D.R. // 07-29-2020

"The Doctors and therapists were extremely skilled and professional. They helped me feel better and were with me every step of the way."

- M.N. // 08-26-2020

"My experience at Freedom Chiropractic was phenomenal. I came in due to a car accident, had neck and back pain that made me cry getting out of bed. Physical therapy with Freedom Chiropractic made me feel brand new again. The best part was how caring the staff was and the willingness to work around my schedule. I could not have asked for a better experience than I had with Freedom Chiropractic!"

- J.P. // 08-19-2020

"Walking into Freedom Chiropractic to see Dr. Eric Bjerke with many doubts and severe pain. Today I wake up and I can't believe how great I feel. Having my life back has changed me 100%. Great teamwork, his staff is very caring, understanding, and patient with me. I would recommend Dr. B to anymore. He gave me a reason to get up in the morning. Pain free. Thank you."

- J.K. // 08-17-2020

"I have been seeing Dr. Duerto for a few months for my pain after an accident. They have been very professional and thorough in my treatment and rehabilitation. I am thankful for their service. Everyone in the office has been very friendly & Dr. Duerto rocks!"

- A.L. // 08-14-2020

"Top notch! Everyone is very knowledgeable and friendly. Definitely effective in treating my pain and keeping me going. Great job!"

- J.T. // 08-05-2020

"Freedom Chiropractic is really great! I will miss them and the patients. I highly recommend them. Excellent service. Stefani at the front desk is really great - always smiling!"

- H.A. // 07-27-2020

"I had an amazing experience at Freedom Chiropractic and would recommend them to everyone. Dr. Bjerke was nothing but caring, supportive, and extremely helpful through every visit and you can really see how much he cares for his patients. Nonetheless, the staff is amazing and have made my recovery the best it could be."

- T.B. // 07-22-2020

"Very professional, knowledgeable, kind, friendly, and helpful!"

- M.H. // 06-19-2020

"Dr. Bjerke and his team took exceptional care of me after a car accident. They were thorough with my evaluation treatment from start to finish, taking the time to explain the process and answer any questions. I was literally in 'great hands' with Dr. Bjerke. I highly recommend Freedom Chiropractic for their comprehensive care and treatment during my recovery."

- C.P. // 06-08-2020

"When I came to Freedom Chiropractic I was having neck and back pain caused by an accident. Thanks to Dr. Bjerke and his wonderful staff who took great care of me and my treatment I was able to reduce the pain and get back to do many things I enjoy doing. Thank you."

- M.F. // 06-02-2020

"The entire staff, five-star! Dr. Duerto is amazing - very gentle and knowledgeable about all my injuries, and I had a lot. Dr. Duerto is excellent. 5-star! Recommended highly."

- A.O. // 05-27-2020

"Gracias por su servicio. Han hecho un execelente trabajo. Si me toca volver, regresaria a ustedes de nuevo. Muchas gracias por su excelente trabajo, muy bien servicio, excelente, gracias."

- A.S. // 05-22-2020

"This was a very friendly place for me as well as for my son. The employees were very respectful, professional and welcoming. I felt that my concerns and well-being was taken care of and it mattered to them. They took all my concerns into consideration and helped us as we improved. I truly appreciate everyone's work and support and the caring way we were treated. Thank you so much guys."

- C.D.S. // 05-18-2020

"After my car accident, I had a very uncomfortable neck pain that I thought would go away on its own. After a few weeks of treatment, I started to notice that my muscles were a lot more relaxed and the neck pain started to subside. If it wasn't for the treatments this could've been pain that would be very persistent so I'm very thankful for Freedom Chiropractic and all the staff that helped me with my recovery."

- B.B. // 05-11-2020

"Freedom Chiropractic was wonderful in treating my pain levels. Dr. Bjerke knew how to target my pain and treat me. All other staff that work under Dr. Bjerke have been trained well and very accommodating."

- D.S. // 05-06-2020

"My experience at Freedom Chiropractic has been really wonderful. The adjustments were spot on and my physical therapy was effective. Gerlaine's hands-on was always targeted right on - my overall feeling is one of satisfaction. Thank you Dr. Bjerke and your staff!"

- B.O. // 04-03-2020

"From the moment you enter the door you are treated like family. Lorena was always very kind and friendly. No wait time and immediately treated! Their massage therapist Kenny was a miracle worker. Kenny's hands were god-sent. Thank you so much for helping me. Last but not certainly least, Dr. Duerto and Dr. K were amazing! I always left the office feeling so much better. Dr. K even provided me with information for pain management at home. Going above and beyond expectations. Dr. K's dad jokes always made my day. Bittersweet saying goodbye to this five-star trio. Accidents are a difficult unexpected time in anyone's life. Staff made me feel so at home it never felt like a medical facility, it felt like home. Sad to say goodbye to my family but I will definitely utilize them for future pain management and recommend them to everyone."

- J.H. // 05-01-2020

"Thank all of you guys at the office for everything you have done to help me. At the time my life was falling apart and then the accident happened and my body was joining the falling apart club too. I was nervous about seeking help because of past experiences. But after my initial visit, I was VERY happy to have found your office. I feel like Dr. D & Kenny have really listened to what was wrong and addressed the issues. I'm going to miss you guys! Thank you again so much for making me feel welcome and getting me better. You, Kenny, and Lorraine all make a great team.

- S.K. // 03-18-2020

"This was my first visit to a Chiropractor, and I will admit I was a little nervous. All the staff in the office were very nice as well as Dr. Bjerke. He explained everything to me and also made me feel so much better after just one visit."

- H.B. // 03-09-2020

"I love this place! The staff are so nice, cool, and Dr. D is funny. I wish I could stay longer. Kenny is my friend, well they all are! I would tell anyone about this chiropractic office. They treat you with respect and as a family. They work around your work schedule. Lorena is so funny. I'm always late and when she calls we laugh about it because I'm in the parking lot. But it's a nice environment and I love it."

- S.J. // 03-05-2020

"I can't say enough good things about Dr. Duerto, Dr. Bjerke and Kelly. Their professional caring and personable approach brought me from very painful and very uncomfortable state to healing and function. I fell in love with their way of taking care and worrying about every little detail."

- R.N. // 02-10-2020

"During my time at the chiropractor I feel much better and the staff is very kind to every visit. I've had a wonderful time here and appreciate the staff for all the help."

- J.B. // 02-10-2020

"First I wanna say thanks to Dr. Bjerke and the staff. They did a great job. They were easy to work with. Freedom Chiropractic is a nice place to get treatment and is also patient enough with your schedule. I wanna say thanks again. God bless you guys."

- E.H. // 02-03-2020

"When I came to Dr Bjerke's Office, All his staff helped me a lot. Comparing to how I was before I am not 100% but they really helped me a lot. All the staff are very nice and friendly and I really appreciate them.

Thank you so much for everything they did for me."

- S.S. // 01-14-2020

"My care here at Freedom Chiropractic was excellent. Absolutely outstanding care. The staff here is excellent. I would recommend Dr. B and his staff to everyone that has a problem."

- Anonymous

"Today is my last day of the treatment I've received at Freedom Chiropractic for over 3 months. I am very happy with the results and the care I've gotten. The staff there is very professional and they get things done. My left shoulder however remained the same even after everything they did. My back and lower back are much better thanks to them. Dr. Bjerke, Dr. Duerto, Guerline, Jinie, and Stefani were all Great!! Thank you guys for all your help."

- I.K. // 12-12-19

"I would like to thank Dr. Eric Bjerke, DC and staff for helping me and my son Patrick, recover after an auto accident in August 2019. I never thought this day would come and I would feel like myself again! Thanks!"

- B.H. & P.G. // 12-11-19

"I was in an auto accident on July 26, 2019. Shortly after, I started treatment at Freedom Chiropractic. Dr. Bjerke and staff were very kind and helpful. The treatment I received helped me tremendously and my back and shoulder feel like they did before I became injured. Thank you so much!"

- H.W. // 11-21-19

"I am very pleased with Freedom Chiropractic. I would highly recommend using this chiropractic facility. The Doctor took time to address my problems and made me feel that he really took an interest in my wellbeing."

- M.D. // 11-18-19

"Steph and Jenn as well as Guerline were amazing and as well friendly! Won't regret the experience with these ladies especially with hands-on! Dr. Orta as well is amazing! I will miss the hands-on!"

- A.F. // 11-16-19

"I was in a car accident and had terrible back and neck pain. Dr. Bjerke started treating me along with his friendly staff and after a few weeks my pain started to subside. Without being treated, I believe my pain would still be the same or worse. Thank you for helping me and making me feel much better!"

- B. // 11-7-19

"Was in a car crash. Had pretty substantial back and neck pain. Dr. Bjerke was able to decrease my neck and back pain to almost zero. His staff was amazing."

- A.F. // 10-24-19

"I had lots of inflammation to my spine as a result of an auto collision. At my height, it was difficult to get out of bed some days. The treatment sessions with Dr. Bjerke and his staff were fantastic! I'm closer to my goal of being as mobile as I was prior to the accident. I'm having less bad days."

- D.H. // 9-19-19

"Dr. and his team are the best. I came in with lots of pain and now I am pain free. Staff is very professional and caring."

- K.W. // 9-19-19

"They do a fantastic job with patients."

- A.S. // 11-26-18

"The experience at Freedom Chiropractic has been terrific. Everyone is so concerned with your recovery and takes the time to make sure everything is doing what it is supposed to do."

- B.S. // 9-29-18

"Dr. Bjerke and his staff at Freedom Chiropractic were amazing! They took such great care of me after my car accident. Very service and patient-oriented office that is highly recommended for any pain."

- N.P. // 9-24-18

"After my accident my body would start out with neck pain, lowering my spirits to have just about anything done. With a new day came more pain. Shortly there after I was referred to Freedom Chiropractic of which they surely got me free from the pain which radiated from my neck. The staff genuinely cared as treatments were scheduled around my hectic life of school and work. After just a few weeks I am now pain free. These guys are the best in the business."

- M.S. // 9-11-18

"I was here for a car accident and they have been very helpful and helped me recover, there very good at what they do."

- C.D. // 9-10-18

"After my accident I was referred to Dr. Bjerke. I am feeling a lot better. He and his staff has helped me so much. The staff is very helpful. Great office."

- N.B. // 9-5-18

"After being in a accident, the pain I was in was unbearable, but thanks to Dr. B and the staff at Freedom Chiropractic I am able to get back to work and enjoy life again. Thanks Dr. B!"

- G.R. // 8-27-18

"We were referred to Dr. Bjerke after a head on collision. My neck and lower back had herniated discs and bulges. After several weeks of treatment my pain was significantly reduced and I feel better after every visit. Thank you to the wonderful staff that treated me so well in a very positive environment."

- M.F. // 6-19-18

"I was in a car accident and was diagnosed with 3 herniated discs and 3 bulges in my neck and a torn meniscus. Thanks to the wonderful staff that treated me like family I was able to recover quickly and my pain reduced from a 9 to almost pain free!"

- M.S. // 6-19-18

"I came here after a car accident after being referred by my lawyer in March. I was having dominant back pain from my neck down to my lower spinal cord and I'm now almost finished and I don't feel the same. I wake up with no pain in the morning time and I am able to walk without pain now."

- B.W. // 6-7-18

"I came to see Dr. Bjerke after my car accident in March. I was in severe pain involving my neck and lower back. I am now almost finished with treatment and I feel drastically better! The office is very professional and knowledgeable!"

- J.H. // 6-4-18

"I think I have made some improvement. But if I don't get adjusted after I revert back to stiffness and pain. Freedom Chiro was a good experience after treatment most always felt better."

- J.B. // 4-2-18

"I came to Dr. Bjerke on recommendation from Mr. Skolnick for treatment due to car accident injuries. Since coming a few days a week, my pain has subsided. The staff is great and Dr. Bjerke has helped me get back to my daily routines. Still have a little way to go but definitely feel improvement. Mark & Chrissy are awesome!"

- Gerald Vassilatos // 3-27-18

"I came to Freedom Chiropractic after a car accident and after a few treatments I feel so much better. I thank Dr. Bjerke and his staff at Freedom Chiropractic is amazing. I look forward coming in even after my treatments are done for adjustments, etc."

- W.M. // 3-19-18

"I became a patient at Freedom Chiropractic after a motorcycle accident, I had extensive injuries to my neck and lower back. I was greeted with a smile upon arrival. My pain subsided with every treatment I received. Dr Bjerke and his staff and their combined efforts I've regained my ability to live the life I had before the accident. I would recommend Freedom Chiropractic to anyone in my position."

- E.W. // 3-15-18

"I was referred to Dr. B after a major car accident. He (and his staff) have been wonderful and supportive during this very difficult time. I was in pain everyday and thanks to the therapy I've received at Dr. B's office I'm able to function on a daily basis."

- E.W. // 2-24-18

"I met Dr. Bjerke after a car accident that totaled my vehicle and left me with fairly intense cervical pain and back pain. After several weeks of treatment, my pain has reduced tremendously. The staff here is incredibly helpful, informative and caring. I feel hopeful that I won't have to let this accident affect my health for the rest of my life. Being a nurse as well, Dr. Bjerke and his staff have given me what I need to better care for my patients, for which I am extremeley grateful!"

- W.P. // 2-22-18

"Freedom Chiropractic is an amazing place to come to after an accident. They have an amazing office staff and treat me with care and give off the most homely vibe. I had high pain in my shoulders, neck and back. I've had a lot of improvement the first month in. I highly recommend Dr. Bjerke and his staff if you want to recover after an accident."

- K.C. // 2-20-18

"I came here after being involved in a car accident. Since being treated at Freedom Chiropractic my body pain has gotten better. The staff was very nice, friendly and helpful!"

- J.F. // 2-19-18

"I came to Freedom Chiropractic after an auto accident that took place in November. From the moment I walked into their facility I felt right at home and comfortable. With an amazing staff behind him, Dr. Bjerke has done wonders for my recovery, and I would recommend anyone in need of professional chiropractic care to visit Freedom Chiropractic."

- B.A. // 2-5-18

"I came here for a car crash that I had on November 14th, 2017. They treat me with excellence and all of them are very professional. I highly recommend this place. I had low back pain and that is also better."

- N.P. // 1-11-18

"I am grateful for the excellent treatment I have received from Dr. Bjerke and his staff. After I was in an automobile accident this past October. The treatments I am receiving have helped me move forward with daily activities, which were impossible after the accident. Dr. Bjerke and his staff are very accommodating and professional, therefor I would recommend his office to anyone who has been in an accident."

- L.P. // 12-30-17

"I was hit by a car on October 8th 2017. I came to Freedom Chiropractic unable to walk, and badly injured. Dr. Bjerke and his great staff were able to help me heal my back, neck, and ankle. My road to recovery would not have been able to be completed without the cure and professionalism of his staff. I am forever grateful of the treatment I receive at Freedom Chiropractic."

- M.W. // 12-26-17

"I just came into the office after a car accident. When I came in I couldn't touch my toes and now I can. The doctor has helped me recover and made this process so much easier. The staff is amazing and I would recommend this office to anyone in an accident."

- J.L. // 12-18-17

"I came in with strong neck pain and stiffness and a lot of lower back pain. After a few weeks my neck was nearly completely relieved and my back pain decreased. After a little over a month my back pain and movement showed large improvement. I would highly recommend this office to anyone with back / neck issues!"

- Antonio M. // 11-25-17

"Everyone at Dr. Bjerke's office is great! Very friendly and personable staff. I can tell a big difference in my body and how If eel overall. My pain has decreased significantly! I highly recommend Dr. Bjerke and his staff!"

- C.R.J. // 11-25-17

"I came in after a car accident. I was in pain on my right side but after my treatment I feel so much better. Everyone is so nice and understanding."

- Benkela B. // 11-25-17

"I was in a car accident so I came to Dr. Bjerke's office for treatment. I have felt better than when I first started weeks ago. The office is very accommodating with my busy schedule. The staff is friendly and kind. Dr. Bjerke is recommended for anyone who wants to get better and live in less pain."

- Alex F. // 11-22-17

"I enjoyed the amazing service, the staff are great & friendly, and the machines are awesome!"

- N.L. // 10-31-17

"After my car accident I came to see Dr. Bjerke for treatment and it was the best decision I made. Freedom Chiropractic has an amazing & professional team. They are accommodating to all of my needs & flexible with my schedule. I will definitely refer him to friends & family. I feel great and it's thanks to Dr. Bjerke."

- Noemi P. // 10-28-17

"I highly recommend Dr. Eric Bjerke and his staff for anyone seeking chiropractic care. Not only is Dr. Bjerke a well trained chiropractor, but his entire staff is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Dr. Bjerke goes out of his way to make sure everyone is being treated in a timely fashion. He listened to my complaints regarding my injuries and took time to explain the process i would need to follow in order to recover properly. I have felt a vast improvement with my back problems since I first started my treatment. I still have a way to go but am confident that by the time I am done, my back will be as good as new. Again, my highest recommendation for the Freedom Chiropractic clinic."

- John K. // 10-26-18

"Dr. Bjerke's office is a pleasure to come to for my chiropractic needs. The staff here is very friendly and always attentive. I was always welcomed with a smile, and that makes coming here an all around great experience. Since starting my visits with Dr. Bjerke, my headaches have improved and I can't thank him enough!"

- M.N. // 10-26-17

"My name is O'Dean and I have been receiving treatment from Freedom Chiropractic since I endured a really bad car accident. I would like to take time to honor Dr. Bjerke and his staff for getting me back in good shape and making this process easy for me. I really appreciate what they have done for me. They made me feel at home and comfortable. Thank you!"

- O'Dean W. // 10-24-17

"Dr. Bjerke & Staff,

We appreciate all you have done for us over the past few months. It's been a pleasure coming here for our chiropractic services. We can't thank you enough!"

- Michelle & David // 10-23-17

"After my accident I was referred to Dr. Bjerke at Freedom Chiropractic. I have felt relief after being treated. The massage therapist has magical fingers. Dr. Bjerke and his staff have helped make this process a lot easier. Him and his staff are caring & kind."

- Fedner Geffrard // 10-21-17

"I began seeing Dr. Bjerke after an auto accident. I was hesitant to see a chiropractor. Dr. Bjerke made me feel comfortable. His adjustments are gentle. He and his staff have been very attentive to my needs & schedule as well. Also, his massage therapist, Mark, is amazing!! I would recommend Dr. Bjerke to anyone. I'm now a firm believer in the chiropractic practices."

- Desiree Zerambo // 9-21-17

"After my motor vehicle accident I went to see Dr. Eric Bjerke at Freedom Chiropractic. He and his staff were great and helped me a lot. I highly recommend them."

- Radesh Chinpire // 9-14-17

"I came in after an accident with shoulder pain, neck pain, and lower back pain. It's been a few weeks now and I am beginning to feel a lot better. My lower back pain isn't as bad anymore and everything else is coming along great."

- Renee Brown // 7-5-17

"I had an accident and I came with a lot of pain to the doctor's office. Everybody there has helped me a lot and after seeing the doctor, I can surely say that I feel way better."

- Carolina Castaneda // 7-5-17

"To Dr. Bjerke and his staff I must say thank you for the fantastic good that you have done to straighten me out. When I came to Dr. Bjerke I was all bent because of my back and shoulder pain, and after a couple of weeks with therapy on my shoulder and back I am starting to feel much better. Thank you, Dr. Bjerke!"

- Marlene Anderson // 6-28-17

"I am so relieved of all the knots that were in my neck and shoulders. It has given me great relief and lessened my headaches. Keep up the good work and I just love you sweet and kind staff. It makes you want to come everyday of your life!"

- Doris Celestin // 6-20-17

"I was in a car accident and had pain in my neck and a lot in my lower back. I started coming to Freedom Chiropractic several times a week, and always left the office feeling better and in less pain. Also got to be referred to other specialist to see what is wrong. Continuing care here."

- Jaclyn Bellano // 6-14-17

"Since I started treatment, I feel and see a big difference in myself. Freedom Chiropractic is a very big help. After I had gotten in that car crash; my everyday things to do became very hard. I was very much in pain, stiff, and could barely move around. Freedom Chiropractic is helping me get back to my old self, and I thank them very much for everything they did and are still doing."

- Joseph Halford // 6-14-17

"The service is good. Everyone and the appointments are always on time. My neck is feeling a lot better, and my low back. Emily is also very helpful."

- Luxor Alexandre // 5/22/17

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