What To Do After a Car Accident

What To Do After a Car AccidentIn the unfortunate event you find yourself reeling in the aftermath of a car accident, it can be hard to focus on what your next steps should be. Although some steps can seem obvious, they certainly bear repeating.

Here we’ll outline some of the most important steps you can take after a car accident. There’s some things to keep in mind while you’re still at the scene, as well as some pointers for the days following your accident. We’ll cover the obvious steps first, so we can dive into what may not be quite so obvious.

  1. Immediately following an accident, stop your vehicle and get to a safe location. Never leave the scene of an accident. Even if it’s a fender bender.
  2. Call the Police - Even if it’s a fender bender!
  3. Make sure you have an accurate account of what took place. In the weeks that follow, you may be called upon to recall the details, which can fade over time. Take pictures to help document those details. (Check out our easy to use App on Apple iTunes -or- Google Play!)
  4. Exchange information with all parties involved
  5. Contact your Insurance company and let them know what happened. Most insurance companies can guide you through the next steps, including filing your claim and scheduling your vehicle for estimates and repairs.

Once the above items have been taken care of, it’s very important to get yourself checked out medically. Many times, injuries from car accidents do not immediately make themselves known, and they can take some time to become apparent. In many cases, associated pain may take a day or two to become noticeable. Even for low impact collisions, injuries to your neck, back and spinal cord may be masked by adrenaline. These injuries can be much more serious than they initially seem, and being checked out by a professional can give you piece of mind and possibly prevent further degradation.

Visit a Chiropractor that Specializes in Car Accidents

One of the best answers to the question, “What to do after a car accident” is to see a chiropractor. If you can find a chiropractor that specializes in car accidents, that’s even better! Scheduling an appointment with a chiropractor will give you an opportunity to have a professional assess any injuries or trauma that may have occurred. A chiropractor specializing in accidents will be familiar with what the body endures during those incidents and will be able to examine you and better understand what, if any, injuries you’ve sustained.

If you feel even the slightest level of discomfort anywhere in your body following a car accident, you should definitely see a chiropractor. Even seemingly small fender benders can inflict trauma to your joints. A chiropractor will be able to help you avoid a worsening of your injury.. By getting a full assessment, you are giving your body the very best chance at remaining healthy following a car accident.

Crashing your car is a big enough headache on it’s own, you shouldn’t have to deal with any other aches.

Dr. Bjerke at Freedom Chiropractic specializes in helping patients get back to a healthy state following a car accident. Give us a call today at 561-808-7388 or contact us today to schedule your appointment. The answer to ‘What to do after a car accident’ is simple! Let Freedom Chiropractic get you back on the road!

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