Postoperative Rehabilitation in Delray Beach FL

Postoperative Rehabilitation in Delray Beach FL

What are the Benefits of Postoperative Rehabilitation in Delray Beach?

Post-surgical rehabilitation from Freedom Chiropractic in Delray offers the following long-term benefits:

  • Restore normal movement to the joint
  • Build up strength in the joint and surrounding muscles
  • Ease pain and swelling
  • Guide an individual back to normal activities
  • Help with circulation, particularly right after surgery, so the patient does not have problems with blood clots

To achieve these long-term goals, we focus on the following five areas of concentration:

  • Stretches for Muscles and Joints
  • Exercises to Strengthen the Body
  • Ice and Heat Application
  • Ultrasound
  • Electrical Stimulation

As critical as surgery can be, your rehabilitation choice post-surgery is just as important as your surgeon choice. To make sure your long-term outcome is as successful as it can be call Freedom Chiropractic in Delray Beach today to schedule an appointment!

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