Pain After A Car Accident?

Pain After A Car Accident?

Pain After A Car Accident

Once the shock has worn off, it’s common to realize you’ve got physical pain after a car accident that you hadn’t noticed before. So what do you do now? It’s not a life-threatening situation in need of an emergency room visit, and what will your general practitioner do? Prescribe pain meds or recommend an MRI? Now is the perfect time to seek the professional help of a chiropractor.

Here are some benefits of chiropractic care in Delray Beach and how it can help you get relief from pain after a car accident:

Chiropractic Care in Delray Beach For Car Accident Pain

  1. Treat Misalignment: Often injuries sustained in car accidents are “invisible” and can only be identified through x-rays and MRIs. Chiropractors can often feel muscle and joint misalignment and diagnose internal injuries in one consultation.
  2. Restore Range of Motion; One of the main side effects of whiplash—a common injury in car accidents—is decreased range of motion. Unfortunately this decreased range of motion can slow down the healing process and even compound the injury by resulting in improper blood flow.
  3. Reduce Inflammation: Microscopic tears inside the muscles are one of the leading causes of inflammation. These tears often go undetected in x-rays, but chiropractors are trained to detect them. Chiropractors use spinal manipulation to release IL-6 substances — your body’s vital anti-inflammatory. This helps to reduce pain and fight off acute injuries.
  4. Eliminate Scar Tissue: After a car accident, your body can develop scar tissue internally and externally as a means of recovery. This stiff tissue can cause your body to lose mobility. Chiropractors are familiar with how and where scar tissue is likely to develop and will adjust these areas to prevent and eliminate it.
  5. Additional Benefits: While you may have sought chiropractic care initially for relief from injuries sustained in a car accident, you might just notice some other unexpected benefits such as relief from:
    • Sciatica
    • Neck Pain
    • Joint Pain
    • Headaches
    • Scoliosis
    • Back Pain

When it comes to treatment of pain after a car accident, medicines and surgery can sometimes help, but it’s advisable to start with the natural and non-invasive method of chiropractic care. And finally, you’ll probably save some money. Most chiropractors accept insurance, but even if you’re paying out of pocket, the costs are far more affordable than most physicians.

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